Wild and Wicked in Scotland by Melody Thomas



ISBN: 978-0061129599

Reviewed by Tanya



Cassandra is the only heir to a shipping empire in the US.  Her family has traveled to England for her engagement then marriage to the Earl of Hampstead, which was arranged years ago by the fathers.  But when Cassie is stood up and laughed at by the ton during her engagement ball she decides to take off on an adventure.  She is off to see her best friend who is with her ambassador father in Scotland.  Cassie knows she will never be allowed this trip so she sneaks away with her maid, her cello and another servant.  All seems like it will go well until the rain hits and then suddenly travel becomes a nightmare.  The only non-nightmare part of the trip seems to be the mysterious man she meets along the way.  When she figures out the dashing stranger is none other than her betrothed she is not sure if she needs to kill him or kiss him.

Devin, the Earl of Hampstead, is a dedicated spy on the tale end of a three year mission that seems to be unraveling before his eyes.  But while he knows that he missed his betrothal ball he has other things of more important on his mind than a silly dance, he is on a mission for the Queen after all.  Though he knows he will have to wed in the fall. Then along comes this sensuous beauty who while is not the epitome of conventional beauty makes his blood sing.  What will happen when he not only has to protect her from harm but from his attentions also?  Especially when he figures out she is the woman he is set to marry, and can be used as a pawn against him.

Yeah!  A non-perfect heroine; one who is headstrong, smart and finally pushed as far as she will go.  I was drawn in to Wild And Wicked In Scotland at the very beginning and found it hard to put down while on vacation (much to my husband's chagrin).  If there were two people who between them had any worse luck I am not sure it has ever been written but Ms. Thomas makes it work for these two.  In spite of all that is happening, and when you think each is going to give up, another twist is thrown in.  I love how Ms. Thomas doesn't let Cassie give in.  I hope to read more historicals from Ms. Thomas in the future.  If you enjoy a good historical romance then you need to pick up Wild and Wicked In Scotland.


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