Wild & Hexy by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Hex, Book 2



ISBN: 9780451412584

Reviewed by Tanya



Jeremy Dunstan is considered the town's nerd, mostly as he is also the local computer whiz.  But while Jeremy doesn't do anything to dissuade this, he has held a secret since high school.  He has always wanted Annie Winston.  Now she is back in town for her sister's wedding and he isn't going to let this second chance go by.  But it seems that Annie can still turn this successful man into a babbling teenager.

The matchmakers Dorcas and Ambrose may be in town to help fix their reputation and write a wrong, but they canít help doing a little matchmaking on the side.  Will they end up helping Jeremy and Annie or will their hands be full with Dee Dee, the lake monster and George the card shark dragon?

I found Wild & Hexy to be a fun read from Ms. Thompson, as usual.  I always love her stories as the geek wins in the end, and this one is no different.  I laughed out loud at the lake monster and at the card-playing dragon, sigh, if only they were all real.  Ms. Thompson does bring the overall story together well and it is hard to tell in the end if Annie really needed the matchmaking or not, maybe it was just destiny.  Additionally, there were some spicy scenes between Jeremy and Annie that I found fun.  Wild & Hexy is a fun summer read and a nice addition to the series.


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