Wicked Omen by Sherrill Quinn

Ellora’s Cave

Dark Pantheon, Book 1

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781419916694

Reviewed by Shayna



Nikolaos of Sparta is more than just a general.  He’s an Aresian vampire descended from the god of war himself.  Fearless on the battlefield, the formidable warrior has known lust but never love until Kalla of Messenia.  For years Kalla’s people have been under the harsh control of the Spartans, and Nikolaos isn’t sure he can trust the beautiful oracle. 

As a common enemy unites Nikolaos and Kalla, and their lust for one another overtakes them both, will happiness be within their grasp?  Or will their secrets tear them apart when all is revealed?

I must say, Sherrill Quinn hooked me right from the glossary in the beginning of the book.  Ms. Quinn’s “godkin,” or vampires, are something fresh and completely different from “usual” vampire fare (if there is such a thing).  Wicked Omen was fast-paced, fun, and—dare I say?—wicked.  Both Nikolaos and Kalla are strong, determined characters with good hearts, common sense, and a desire to understand one another despite the Spartans and Messenians being enemies.  Together they steamed up the page and I devoured the tale, eager to see how they could overcome all the obstacles in their path to find happiness.

The one thing I was hoping for was more insight into the godkin.  The descriptions of the different types of vampires and their unique traits made me eager to learn about them, and I was sad to not learn much at all.  I can only hope that future books in the series develop the premise, for it was a fascinating concept I am most eager to read more about.  That being said, Wicked Omen was extremely entertaining and I hope to read more of Ms. Quinn’s work.


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