Why, Why, Zed? By Leigh Ellwood


M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60659-060-7

Reviewed by Ley



Cameron "Zed" Zedmore didnąt realize how much he took his live-in lover Nick for granted until he's faced with the possibility of losing him.  Someone wants Nick and that someone had the nerve to call Zed and tell him so.  The caller opened Zed's eyes and Zed knew it was time to show Nick how important he is to him.

Nick is very tempted to stray.  He loves Zed with all his heart and would never want to hurt him, but love and affection from Zed has been few and far between.  Nick didn’t want to come behind Zed's work, his car and his tee time any longer.  So what if he strays this one time, Zed's never home long enough to notice anyway.

Why, Why Zed? is an interestingly strange story.  It's one that once you start reading it you have to finish it to see where the author is going with it and how everything comes together.  It's very imaginative and I liked it.  I thought the characters were great and I totally felt for Nick.  Although there were a couple of consistency typos in the beginning and I didn't think the ending tied everything up very cleanly, I still very much enjoyed reading this story and I loved the outcome of it.


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