Victory Stallion by Kate Hill

Horsemen, Book 5

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419917332

Reviewed by Indy



Well known for being one of the best Fighting Carriers around, Wilder is starting to wonder if he will ever settle down with a mate when Gatherer Janelle appears and everything in his life changes.  A fiery spirit with a personality that complements his own Wilder is blessed to have met his dream lover, something horsemen like him always dream of finding.  Janelle has yet to settle down in a place she can call home but everything about Wilder screams at her to take a chance on their budding love even if it means risking her heart and soul.  Their relationship is progressing steadily when the unthinkable happens.

Wilder is losing his peripheral vision and the life he built as an instructor and top Fighting Carrier is over.  How can a horseman such as himself, with dignity and pride move on when the job he loves with every fiber in his being is something he can no longer do?  Together Wilder and his mate Janelle will have to figure out a way for him to move forward because the alternative is a less than full life that would suppress the spark they both shared.

In a tale that brings together elements of hope, shared dreams and a love nothing in the world can defeat, Victory Stallion is a treat for all those who believe anything is possible.  A true example of behind every good man is a better woman; Janelle is the epitome of the perfect woman.  Unwilling to allow the threat of blindness to crush Wilderís spirit she fights for him at times when heís unwilling to fight for himself.  Kate Hillís latest Horsemen story highlighted how perseverance and commitment can conquer overwhelming odds.  How when surrounded by despair you have to keep pushing, keep striving because there may be an answer just waiting for you to grab hold.  Victory Stallion is one of the best installments yet and I canít wait to see if maybe a few of the special single horsemen have love in their future.


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