Unique Transformation by Karla Dawson

The Wild Rose Press

Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Christine Mattison volunteers at a local hospital by comforting cancer patient children, a pastime that her shallow, socialite mother would never approve of.   She’d rather spend her days doing something more meaningful with her life than attending fashion shows and brunches at the local country club.

Droan is the king of Diama, searching for his queen.  He’s been observing Christine, admiring her compassion, intelligence and pragmatism.  When he saves her from danger, he’s instantly aware that she is not repulsed by his reptilian appearance.   Once Droan moves in to bond with Christine, there’s no turning back for either of them.

Will Christine and Droan overcome her snobbish mother’s plans in order to be together? Or will outside forces destroy their chance at happiness?

Unique Transformation is a sensual, sweet and light romance.  It recalls the simplistic antidote of boy-meets-girl, except in this case, the boy is an alien and the girl is a socialite in training.  Direct and to the point, there’s little complexity.   What you see is what you get.  Ms. Dawson is gifted at writing scenes to move you to tears, which allows you to initially connect with Christine.    The love scenes and interactions between Droan and Christine felt a bit dated for me.  There was an interesting twist near the end, despite the plot and character clichés.   Overall, there are readers that this story will appeal to.


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