Unified by Kit Tunstall

Vampire Union, Book 3

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-758-9

Reviewed by Lisa



Since WWIII vampires have been in control of the human population.   One such human is Nadya, first the lover of Jalen DuMond, a powerful vampire clan leader and then Rem Savage, the vampire leader of the rebel army as well as sworn enemy of Jalen.

Nadya knows that the only way for there to be peace of any kind is for these two vampires to seek a truce and somehow get the clan and rebels to agree to a permanent ceasefire.  If Nadya can get these two stubborn vampire brothers to stop fighting and start talking to each other maybe something can be accomplished before other clans get involved.  Is peace too much to hope for or is war the only thing they will ever know?

Unified is a satisfying conclusion to this series by author Kit Tunstall.  A hostile love triangle of epic proportions is neatly defused with some very sexy ménage a trios encounters thrown in for good measure.  There aren’t any real surprises in Unified but readers will find the ending worthwhile.  Also, Unified could be read as a stand-alone but without knowing the emotional heartstrings of the previous stories it won’t be enough to make Unified enjoyable.


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