Unbridled by Raven Willow-Wood

Centaur Chronicles

New Concepts Publishing

Fantasy, Shape-shifter, Ménage a trois

ISBN: 978-1-60394-127-3

Reviewed by Patrice F.



What happens when your horse gives birth to a baby centaur?  You faint, and then afterwards you go on with your life, chalk it up to a bad dream and never mention it again.   At least that was what happened the night Sarah and her sister delivered their horse Benny’s foal.   Sarah can’t quite dismiss what happened, including the two half-horse, half-men that showed up and took the child.  Later, she is kidnapped and taken to their world.   Once she is there, her skills as a vet are needed.  She’s also the captive of blond Chandler and dark-haired Teagan, the centaur brothers that she encountered that strange night.

In their world, humans—called hoons—are the centaurs’ enemies.  Chandler and Teagan are strongly attracted to Sarah, and decide to take advantage of her captivity.  Sarah’s circuits go haywire from the start because they’re gorgeous.   It takes everything in her to resist them; after all, she has to go home.   But Chandler and Teagan have other plans for Sarah, using everything in their sexual arsenal to make her completely theirs.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was leery and squeamish about reading a novel involving centaurs as the romantic interest of a human woman.  I mean, would sexual acts depicted between them be considered bestiality?   Ms. Willow-Wood squashes all of my theories, and her efforts are satisfying.  Some readers might take issue with the way Sarah is “persuaded” by Chandler and Teagan, however, I didn’t feel that she was forced into anything.  In fact, she was crossing her fingers, hoping that each sexual threat from them turned into a promise. 

I liked reading about a different type of shape-shifter than the common were-beasts, i.e. were-wolves.   The depiction of humans and centaurs does make me think of Gulliver’s Travels, except the humans aren’t quite as repulsive as the yahoos, but they are animalistic brutes. Unbridled is a delightful mix of lively dialogue, racy sex and engaging characters.  For anyone looking for something new, it’s definitely ideal and worth a go.


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