Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght by Cathryn Cade

The Orion

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 1-60504-072-X

Reviewed by Jo



Tryon Jag, a male tyger, knew that the timing of getting the ship he has signed on to navigate through his home system would be touchy.  However, he never thought it would be thrown off so badly that he would go into his mating shift while on board.  Now the most important thing on his mind is not his job, but finding a mate, on the ship, to mate with immediately before he is forced into a lust-induced rage.

Calla Fellura, a female tyger, signed onto the crew as a novice interpreter, never dreaming that she would come face to face with a male tyger that would become her entire world.  When the call goes out to all female tyger employees to see if anyone can help, Calla immediately volunteers.  Once locked in with Tryon, Calla realizes that there are lots of things about a shift-mating that she never thought about.

If the asteroids and a mating frenzy arenít enough for Tryon to worry about, an eco-saboteur has endangered the entire ship and Tryon will have to come up with a way to save it.  When the ship arrives safely, will Tryon sabotage what he and Calla have found or will the Tyger be able to claim his Tyger lily?

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght is not only engaging and red hot, but it has the ability to suck in a reader.  Calla is very inexperienced sexually, but knows she has to go to Tryon when his mating shift happens unexpectedly.  Tryon would never have approached Calla under other circumstances, but now he knows that she is not only his shift mate, but maybe his soul mate, too.  When Tryon and Calla first came together, it was very erotic and for me it got even more so as the story went on.  Reading and watching as Calla and Tryon came to know about each other and discover that what they felt was not only because of the shift, kept me turning the pages rapidly.  I will admit that I was disgusted with Tryon for a small amount of time, but then Calla showed him just how a true Tyger lily handles a dense male.  I loved the ending and found it perfect with how Calla and Tryon met.  Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght is a must read that you wonít want to put down even after you have finished it.  I am hoping that Ms. Cade plans on showing us more of this world.


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