Twice the Night by Dawn Halliday

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Ménage a Trois M/F/M

ISBN: 1-60504-252- 8

Reviewed by Ley



Tamara O’Leary loved her husband Duncan with all her heart. Witnessing his death at the hands of rogue vampires was the worst thing she’d ever lived through.  With the help of Cole Thompson, her husband’s best friend, Tamara was able to pull through and find love again.  Fours years after Duncan’s death Tamara and Cole are in love and plan to marry, but the resurfacing of her thought to be dead husband may pose a problem for their plans.

Duncan survived their terrifying night by becoming a vampire.  Knowing he could never be everything to his wife like he has in the past Duncan stayed away to give Cole and Tamera a chance to build a life together.  Returning now, Duncan hopes the two people whom he loves the most will allow him back into their lives.

Twice the Night is a very entertaining story with a unique look at a world inhabited with humans and vampires.  Tamera changed a lot after Duncan’s death and although she loved him she was never open about her sexual fantasies with him or even with her self.  Cole helped her to be more aggressive about what she wanted.  I liked Tamera with Duncan and I liked her with Cole, and even though the three of them together wasn’t a bad mix, I felt the threesome was missing something and that something was Cole and Duncan together.  I felt these two had a great chemistry.  Aside from that I felt Dawn Halliday produced a good story and I enjoyed reading Twice the Night.


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