Tuxedo Tryst by Nikki Soarde

Ellora's Cave

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 97814199169

Reviewed by Ley



Frustrated and hurt over the break up of his marriage, Evan Valerian needed solitude away from his company's party that was now in full swing.  Escaping to the executive suite of his office building, Evan encountered not only an escape from the party but also an escape from the stress and disorder his personal life was in.  Encountering Jake Maynard, another partygoer looking for a short reprieve from the party as well as from the date he attended it with, was just what Evan needed.

I had difficult time getting into Tuxedo Tryst.  I couldn't connect with the characters and I didn't feel Evan and Jake was a good match up.  I felt the relationship between Jake and Evan may have been much more interesting and believable if it took place over a longer period of time and not just a couple of hours during a company party.  Although I do like Nikki Soardes' work and writing style, Tuxedo Tryst just did not interest me.


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