Trouble by Mary Lou George

New Crescent, Book 1


Paranormal Suspense

ISBN: 1-60601-095-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Gillian Watson has come to the small New England town of New Crescent to recover from an attack that left her in a coma. When she awoke in the hospital Gillian had no memory of what happened to her. She did, however, develop some amazing abilities. Gillian can sense what people are feeling when she touches them. As a result, Gillian takes her dog Hank with her everywhere she goes. Hank soothes her emotions and clams her down when she feels overwhelmed.

Travis Sinclair is the sheriff in New Crescent. He senses a strong connection to Gillian the minute she enters the town. Once he gets to know her that connection only intensifies.  Gillian feels it too, but she isnít ready to explore it. Soon Gillian is experiencing frightening feelings. She senses that a girl has been raped. The people of New Crescent have always been an interesting lot. Travis is accustomed to their eccentricities, so he doesnít balk when Gillian tells him whatís happening. As Travis and Gillian try to find the rapist, more girls are attacked. Will they figure out who is behind them before Gillian becomes the next victim?

Trouble is a good story full of excitement and romance. Travis and Gillianís relationship blooms slowly over each page. They have good chemistry and are very compatible. Travis accepts Gillian for who she is. Heís protective of her and his love for her is very evident. Gillian is lovely. Sheís strong and compassionate. She fits Travis like a glove. New Crescent is a charming and enchanting town. Itís a tight knit community and everyone accepts and respects each other. Trouble is also laced with suspense and danger. Ms. George kept me guessing allowing for a dramatic and surprise ending.  I look forward to the next New Crescent Book!


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