Trip My Switch by Nicole Austin


Ellora's Cave


ISBN:  9781419915451

Reviewed by Jambrea



Sebastian answers an ad to be a sex slave for the night.  He is unsure where he falls in the BDSM world.  He loves it all, but thinks he should only be a Dom or a sub.  His feelings are so confusing that he is hoping this one night will give him more insight into his nature.

After Sebastianís one night of passion, will he be able to go back to his every day life?  Will his questions be answered or will he go too far?

Trip My Switch is smoking hot!  I had to take my computer into a cold shower when I was done.  Nicole Austin knows how to write a scorcher to be sure!  Trip My Switch is written in first person, but as I started to read, I didnít even notice.  Ms. Austin was able to wrap me up in the world of BDSM and had me craving for more.


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