Trio by P.F. Kozak, Devyn Quinn, Jane Ledger



Ménage a Trois

ISBN: 0-7582-2531-8

Reviewed by Ley



‘Hot Pepper’ P.F. Kozak

Needing to get out of her condescending sisters home, Pepper turns to her best friend Ted for a job and a place to stay.  Ted is more than willing to help out his old friend as long as she doesn’t mind sharing with her ex-boyfriend Butch who is also staying with Ted.  Reunited with the two men she loves most in the world, Pepper finds herself wanting to relive the good times they used to share.

‘Hot Pepper’ is very hot!  And even though I felt the characters and the storyline could have been stronger, ‘Hot Pepper’ was a good start to this anthology.


‘No Strings Attached’ by Devyn Quinn

Provocative dancer Lara Green needed money to take care her ex’s debts.  She would do almost anything except prostitute herself, but when faced with making a million dollars in exchange for spending an all expense paid week with two gorgeous men Lara may bend her rules a bit.

‘No Strings’ is great!  I liked Lara and her spunkiness and Nick’s off and on shyness around her was rather sweet. Jared was somewhat of the anchor for this threesome and he obviously cared a great deal for Nick.  No Strings has a sweet surprising twist that was a nice addition to the story.


‘Bring it On’ by Jane Ledger

Seeing her officer friend Steve Karan may not always happen under pleasant circumstances, but when he shows up with an out of the blue and quite extravagant gift for her things start to change for the better for Nancy Roman.  Nancy soon finds that the only thing better than being guarded by a gorgeous cop is having your body guarded by two off duty gorgeous cops.

‘Bring It On’ fit nicely in this smoldering hot anthology, although it deviates a bit from the three actually establishing a relationship.  The relationship is more about Nancy and Steve, but Jack fits in quite nicely for a night of hot sex.


Trio is a hot, fun and very entertaining anthology.  The stories center around one woman and two men and finding happiness in very untraditional relationships.  I enjoyed this anthology and feel many others who like ménage a trois erotica will too.


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