Toy Box: Collar by Zoe Nichols, Allison Payne and Lee Benoit

Torquere Press

Erotic BDSM M/M Anthology

ISBN 978-1-60370-427-4

Reviewed by Nannette



“Beloved” by Zoe Nichols

Lucian has a very special gift for his pet Hohru, but Hohru will have to earn it. Hohru is more than willing to give Lucien what he wants because Hohru gets what he wants when he pleases his master. Lucien has something that will make Hohru especially happy this time.

A collar can sometimes represent humiliation in both good and bad ways. In “Beloved,” a collar is a gift of love. Zoe Nichols pens a very erotic and touching story where sweet Hohru gets a present from his master Lucien which in turn is a gift for both of them. “Beloved” is a very touching and sexy short story.


“Stay” by Allison Payne

When Chris Owens gets caught lusting over the chain dog collars in the pet store he’s embarrassed, but it’s worth it when he gets home and Sam sees it because then Sam makes his fantasies come true.

“Stay” is an incredibly erotic and endearing story. Chris is young, adorable and very sexy. Sam is older and definitely in charge. The dynamics of their relationship are unique and very interesting. “Stay” is a May/December, “Daddy/boy” romance. It’s kinky and has an edge of taboo. I love it. I want to read more about Chris and Sam.


“Master Preston’s Bright Bottom” by Lee Benoit

Paulo has fallen hard for Master Rose after a scene. He wants more but Preston is retired and doesn’t seem interested in Paulo’s eagerness. Paulo finds a way to get close to Preston. In between patio paving and window installing, Paulo is slowly insinuating himself in Preston’s life.

I love “Master Preston’s Bright Bottom.”   Paulo’s desire for Preston goes beyond the need to be dominated. Paulo’s desire for Preston is adorable and very sincere. Preston learns to value Paulo and, as a result, a very beautiful and hot relationship is formed. I love “Master Preston’s Bright Bottom.” I could have gone on reading it forever. It’s sexy, touching and very well written.


Toy Box: Collar is an excellent anthology.  Each story is touching, erotic, and well written. The title inspires kinky thoughts and the stories deliver it.


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