Topping Tora by Laura Bacchi

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 1-59578-294-X

Reviewed by Willow



Tora Wolff just wanted to get away from her life and explore her fantasies. Sheís had enough of Jovan Creel, the competition at the advertising agency where she works and the heat in Atlanta. Her solution is a specialty resort in New York that caters to BDSM. Unfortunately, Jovan followed her there and arranged to be her master. So much for getting away from him.

Jovan has been attracted to Tora since the first time he saw her even if she is a bitch at the agency. But now he canít believe heís not dreaming. Tora is his to do with as he pleases-his slave for a week. Jovan hopes its enough.  His inexperience as a Dom makes him second guess himself and he goes in search of a Dom who will give Tora exactly what she wants and needs. In an effort to give Tora what she needs, Jovan inadvertently puts her in danger. Jovan prays heíll get to her before itís too late.

There is a lot of action packed into Topping Tora. Tora and Jovan are like any man and woman exploring their wants, needs and desires. And like many, find them in the most unexpected places. Ms Bacchi weaves a compelling tale in Topping Tora. Toraís strength and determination are clear as she decides what she really wants in a relationship. While I enjoyed Topping Tora the first time through I donít think Iíd spend time reading it a second time.


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