Too Young to Die By Anita Birt

Cerridwen Press

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 9781419916861

Reviewed by Tanya



Ellie Paxton is out of a job and in debt when she takes a new position as a “nanny with computer skills”.  She wanted to use the time to pay off her credit cards and look for a new job, as well as see how she really felt about kids.  She never counted on the grizzly scene that happened one night when she was home alone with the baby.  There was no way she would leave the helpless baby behind when she escaped. Now she is on the run with an infant and nothing but her backpack.

When she stumbles onto Jack in the woods after a harrowing night, she reluctantly accepts his help.  Now they seem to be on the run for all their lives and somehow, they are being followed.  Ellie might know more than she is letting on, but Jack will do what it takes to keep them safe, as he is suddenly drawn to Ellie as more than just a nanny.

While Too Young to Die was a well written suspense filled story, I found the heroine wasn’t very likeable.  She seemed a little immature and childish.  If you can get past some of her irksome qualities and stick with the story, you will thoroughly enjoy Too Young to Die.  There are a number of twists and turns in this story as well as heartfelt moments that will make you sigh.  I will try another story by this author since I really enjoyed her writing style.


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