Too Dangerous to Desire by Alexandra Benedict



ISBN: 978-0-06-117047-8

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Adam Westmore is a bitter man.  A few years ago he was on top of the world Ė newly married, in love, nothing could hone in on his happiness. Forced to cut his honeymoon short to once again bail his older brother out of yet another mishap, Adam and his wife set sail for home.  A mere days later Adam is a widower and he blames his brother and cuts all ties with his family. Living on the coast in a small cottage, Adam has to be close to the sea, if anything just because it is his beloved wifeís grave.  When he sees a strikingly beautiful woman hesitate before throwing herself off the cliff near him, Adam vows that the water will not take another life if he has anything to do with it.

Evelyn Waye is being forced to marry an abusive prince.  Running away and praying to remain hidden, she knows her only choice of escaping her fate is by jumping off the cliff along the coast by her home.  Distressed beyond words to be caught and saved, Evelyn knows she canít trust any man, least of all one that makes her wish she was just a normal woman.  Evelyn canít help but grasp at the comfort Adam provides.  Is it too much to hope that her depraved and wicked fiancť will leave her in peace?

From a personal standpoint, Too Dangerous to Desire, pushed every button I have concerning characters that try to inflict harm upon themselves.  However, it was not enough to make me stop reading by any means.  Adam was a changed man from the first scenes where he was so happy with his new wife.  The man that saved Evelyn was not the man readers were introduced to; he was better. He was self-sufficient, he was mature, and he was loyal.  I liked watching his character evolve and his feelings for his brother change, for the better, thank goodness.

Too Dangerous to Desire by Alexandra Benedict was a captivating read.  I found myself on the edge of my seat during the intense moments and blushing during the romantic ones.  I will definitely read more of Ms. Benedictís work!


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