Through the Fire by Aliyah Burke

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ISBN: 978-1-906590-88-8

Reviewed by Indy



A raging fire in the Pacific Northwest sends Erin back into the arms of the man she loved and lost. Not sure about her feelings for Teague a smoke jumper from another fire house, Erin did the cowardly thing and left. Now that circumstances have brought them back together Teague is unwilling to allow the woman he loves to run away again and heís willing to pull out all the stops to ensure it doesnít happen. Erin will have to put her fears aside or risk losing Teague forever.

Through the Fire is a story that provides a birdís eye view of two firefighters, a female mechanic and a jumper, who are in love but havenít seen each other in five years. Teague and Erinís issues are light considering the life threatening job they perform. These two immediately gravitate toward each other as their bodies refused to allow them to be separated any longer. I liked how Aliyah Burke gave you a mini short on another couple who seem to have insurmountable issues but when death is constantly knocking at your door, priorities have a way of showing themselves. Great novella for those interested in a happily ever and where time is of the essence.


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