The Woodsman by Belle Scarlett

Ellora’s Cave

Fantasy, Shape-Shifter

ISBN: 9781419916342

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Lady Lily Rouge is on her way to marry an elderly wealthy marquis, when her driver stops the carriage and abandons his post in the middle of the Enchanted Forest.  She tries to investigate, but is detoured by a large black wolf.   The forest is rumored to be inhabited by magical creatures, dangerous and benign.   Lily refuses to be cowed.  When she attempts to escape her furry guardian, the spirited young woman is forced to spend the night in a country cottage.  The next day she’s greeted by a tall, dark and naked stranger that’s very happy to see her.

Sir Marrok Ulfang struggles to resist the gorgeous red-haired Lady Lily, although she is the solution to breaking his curse.   By taking her virginity, Marrok can live again as a man and resume a normal life.  However, his feelings for Lily come into play.  Marrok feels that she deserves better, even if it means that she will marry another man.

Between an uncertain future and the lingering threat of the one who cursed Marrok, do the passionate lovers stand a chance?  

From the first sentence to the last, The Woodsman is picture perfect.  It’s filled with voyeuristic pixies, capricious immortals, and an engaging couple who sizzle and spark together like a pair of jumper cables.   This engaging rendition of Little Red Riding Hood glitters with romance, humor and sensuality.   Myth, magic, and mayhem are combined into a sexy story with its own special brand of enchanting uniqueness.


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