The Woman by Mechele Armstrong

Settler's Mine, Book 3

Loose Id

Polyamorous Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-59632-688-0

Reviewed by Willow



Jax and Tam are a very rare pairing—2 males with no linking female and they are both happy with the arrangement and very much in love with each other. Tam’s visions bring them back to Settler’s Mine much to Jax’s confusion. Why go back there when they already have their heartstones and their mate? Tam can’t explain why but he knows he has to. When an Ebolian has a vision it must be followed, even for a half Ebolian like him.

Kiann’s visions of red have brought her to Settler’s Mine in search of her heartstone. This is the only chance she will get so she has to find it before her stepbrother finds her and drags her back. Marses doesn’t want her to find her heartstone and he sure doesn’t want her to find a mate. In her haste to find her heartstone, Kiann literally runs into exactly that, which was something she never expected to do. Who knew she’d find her heartstone and her mates at the same time?

Danger has never been a part of their lives, but now Tam and Jax are caught up in the fight for Kiann’s life. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep their mate safe.

I was rooting for Tam and Jax the whole time I was reading The Woman. Tam was immediately accepting of Kiann as their third but Jax was having a really hard time with it. Change is not easy for some people and that came through loud and clear with Jax. I just wanted Jax to deal with his conflicts and be happy. And Tam, bless his heart, loved them both from the start and was pulled in two directions trying to make everything work for them. Kiann’s hidden strength made for one very kickass heroine. I really enjoyed the way the tensions and conflicting emotions come together to create a provocative and engrossing romance.


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