The Wild, Wild Anybody’s Guess: Aloha by Jayha Leigh

The Wild, Wild, Book 2

Loose Id

Multicultural Vampire Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-648-4

Reviewed by Indy



There are two things that Aloha Carrington needs outside of her Posse: Skittles and video games. Everything else is pure gravy on top of her already crazy and unorthodox lifestyle. The queen of Neon and a rabid lover of all things plasma, Aloha has decided on a new hobby, Ianikut Maksim Aleksandrovich. A close friend of Aloha’s best friend Atlanta and (gag!) a Duke fan who gets her flowing like a river just by the sound of his voice.  Being the take no prisoners, I’ll-get-my-posse-involved kind of woman that Aloha is, Ianikut, an enforcer for the Vampire Nation can’t believe this petite little woman whose clothing blinds him at every angle doesn’t sense the beast running through his veins.  A man who sends some of the fiercest warriors to their resting places, around Aloha and her Posse he’s just a “Duke” fan whose presence is only tolerated because he’s rich, fine and pretty cool for a man lacking in the pigmentation department. His interest and, soon thereafter, obsession with Aloha will send waves through the vampire world because Ianikut will die before he gives up the woman he considers his.

Considering this is the second time I’ve veered into the insane world where the women of the Posse rule and “there is no other place outside of Chapel Hill seems to be a testament”, I was pretty sure what to expect. Women who consider “wilding out” a national past time and of course a heroine who takes a seemingly kick-ass enforcer type male and runs him until he finally puts his feet, hands, and body into making her heel, in the bedroom at least.

As I read Aloha’s and “Imax’s” story I smiled a little, laughed a lot and tried to keep up on more than one occasion because like most people who suffer from ADAD, Aloha was like a 2 year old on a Kool-Aid high. Wild, Wild Anbody’s Guess: Aloha is a mouthful, literally and figuratively, and somewhat over the top. I admit to finding it hard to maintain focus as each progressively odd situation, conversation or encounter happened. My namesake posse member Indy and I were so in tune with each other because at one point I wanted to scream at Aloha to just shut up, be serious pretend you’re an adult and be the woman you claim to be. Is everything a battle? And maybe the reason your posse seems to basically attract paranormal creatures is because most sane men know to run. With that said I will admit Jayha Leigh has a way with words and dialogue that can’t be matched. I just think her stories would go from great to “can’t be beat” if there was a smidgeon of balance. A lot of times I feel as if I’m on a never ending roller coaster ride with constant bumps and I think Ms. Leigh’s stories would be more enjoyable if the battle for control between her couples weren’t non-stop.


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