The Warder's Wolf by Viola Grace

The Warder Series, Book 3

eXtasy Books

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-55410-630- 3

Reviewed by Lisa



This is the sixth time Ruana Weldon has gone into heat, and this time self-gratification isn't helping or relieving the problem at all.  That has to be the reason why Ruana agrees to go to the bar Howl with her friends.  Sometimes a werewolf in heat needs a man instead of a hand.

Ruana meets a gorgeous hunk, Aleczander "Zan" Masters at Howl who saves her from six over eager werewolves in the bar parking lot and then takes her to his place for a night of sublime sexual ecstasy.  Too bad it's the last normal evening Ruana and Zan will know as complications and hard choices to make pile up for the couple.  As a were/witch mix, Ruana planned on a relatively average life but the future is anything but that for the lovers.

Fast paced, exciting and highly sensual, The Warder's Wolf is very entertaining.  Ruana may not stand out in a crowd but she has an inner strength that shines through while Zan is so hot he scorches the pages and is so adorable when he's confused, it's irresistible.  Although third in the Warder Series, The Warder's Wolf is easily a stand alone tale even with all the many characters in the final chapters but do yourself a favor and pick up the other two and hope that author Viola Grace plans to write many more in this erotic, fun series.


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