The Spawning by Kaitlyn O’Connor

New Concepts Publishing

Sci-Fi Futuristic, Ménage plus

ISBN: 978-1-60394-144-0

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Detective Miranda “Randy” Hart didn’t expect to be abducted by an alien trader while doing her job.  She’d been investigating the kidnapping of several young women from a local night club.   Now she’s on a barren planet sold as a slave to the Hirachi.  

The tall, golden-skinned Hirachi are an honorable warrior race, taking pity on the Earth females, Khan, the leader, is drawn to Miranda.   He fears that the tiny women brought to their world might not be compatible with the Hirachi.   However, the Hirachi breeding season is on the horizon, and soon, it might not be a matter or choices with so few options. 

Kaitlyn O’Connor threw me into a scenario that covered all the bases in practicality, even though this is a work of fiction.  From the time Miranda is kidnapped, I was taken by the hand and given the full tour of “What if…?”  

What if a group of contemporary humans were abducted and thrown into an alien world with aliens, no survival skills, and no civilization, how well would they survive?  Ms. O’Connor paints a picture with Miranda, the stolen women and the Hirachi that kept me turning pages.  Even personality differences are brought into play.  The fact that some people will never change and that no matter what happens to them they are unable to rise above their self-absorption. 

Miranda is very likeable and resilient, even when she can’t overcome obstacles.  Her courage is infectious.   I cheered her on all the way to the end. Khan is sexy, Alpha, and noble.  A shield and buckler for his displaced and feisty Earth woman.  It was so easy to care about these characters and to submerse myself into their world. 

The Spawning is a novel bursting with imagery, substance and realistic people.  Ms. O’Connor has a gift for making her characters and stories live whenever I read her books, breathing originality and realism into every scene from start to finish.  


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