The Song by Jean Johnson

Sons of Destiny, Book 4

Berkley Trade Paperback


ISBN: 0425219291

ISBN: 978-0425219294

Reviewed by Ley



Fourth born of the second set of twins Evanor lost his voice, therefore losing his powers after a long fought battle with his family’s greatest enemy.  Evanor feels lost without his powers and being able to communicate.  His family does what they can to help and Evanor respects their efforts but the only thing that will help is getting what he lost returned.  Evanor rest his hopes on a young widow and healer, who may heal more within Evanor than he anticipated.

Mariel and her adolescent and quite mischievous son are uprooted, leaving behind all they know for Nightfall Island.  Could this mysterious land and the beautiful, powerless mage she’s coming to care for more than she should be home for Mariel and her son?

I did not find The Song to be a very captivating story, but I did think it was worthy of a note.  I’m not familiar with the previous books in this series so the beginning of the story was a rough start for me.  As I continued to read, who everyone was and how he or she fit in the series became clear, and I have to say I found Kelly to be aggravating.  Evanor and Mariel are two very kindhearted people, but I felt their story and romance lacked substance.  I really liked Evanor and felt compassion for his situation, but I found other characters in the story were much more interesting than he was.  Even though I wasn’t totally besotted by this story, The Song did peek my interest in the overall series especially the stories to come involving the two other sets of twin.


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