The Painted House by Drew Zachary

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-278-2

Reviewed by Ley



Gabriel Nash loved his job scouting around for filming locations that fit with the vision of movie producers and directors. On his new assignment, he finds the perfect house but the owner is not interested in having strangers invade his property.  Gabriel has rarely come across a site where he couldn't negotiate the right price to get what he wanted but then he has never met anyone like Marc where money doesn't mean a thing to him.

Marc is a loner and from a different world than Gabriel. Marc pays no attention to time and or anything else that takes him from his peaceful solitude where he can paint, create and just be - the last thing he wants is strangers invading his peaceful existence, although he wouldn't mind Gabriel sticking around for a while.

These two men with almost nothing in common find comfort within each other, but can Marc learn to live in Gabriel's fast-paced world and leave his peaceful home in Nova Scotia or will the love and inspiration he's found within Gabriel be lost to him, leaving him alone again.

The Painted House is a sweet slow paced story I really enjoyed reading.  Marc and Gabriel take time to get to know and understand each other leading to a relationship of trust and caring.  Marc is someone who needs to be handled with kid gloves and Gabriel is willing to be what he needed. I loved these guys and this story. I even liked Jennifer, Marc's agent, she comes off rather rude but she cares for Marc so that makes it easy to forgive her snarky attitude. The Painted House is a feel good story that had me snuggled up on the couch with a sappy smile on my face.


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