The Mechanic by Vivian Vincent


Erotic Contemporary

Reviewed by Nannette



Alexis Perry is the owner of Perryís Auto Repair. Vince is her best mechanic, and the star of all her fantasies. One night, Vince gets a glimpse of Alexisí secret fantasies. Heís surprised that they match his own. When he and his girlfriend break up, he decides itís okay to act on them. But what happens Monday morning when his ex calls wanting him back?

Alexisí secret crush on Vince is sweet, but her steamy fantasies are anything but. When Vince finally gets his hands on her, he makes all of Alexisí fantasies come true and then some. Vince is a good guy and he and Alexis have a lot in common. They have great chemistry. The Mechanic is a good, hot, short story.


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