The Marriage Bed by Cia Leah

Forbidden Publications

Historical Western

Reviewed by Nannette



When Clint West started shooting at the coach carrying his intended bride, he didnít expect the fiery girl shooting back at him to be her. Callie McCade is different than most girls. Having been raised by her Uncle Ned, Callie is good with a gun and more comfortable in pants than a dress. Once back on Clintís ranch, Callie is good at taking care of the house but she knows nothing about whatís expected of her in the marriage bed. Clint wasnít planning to take a wife but now that he has her, heís going to show Callie everything she needs to know.

Callie is feisty and fun. Clint is a good man, although shooting at the coach holding your future bride is not the wisest, and one of the oddest things Iíve seen a hero do. Clint and Callie are a good match and the story flows very smoothly.  The Marriage Bed moves a bit fast but itís a sweet romance.


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