The King's Diamond by Jenna Jones

Torquere Press

Gay Historical Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60370-343-8

Reviewed by Lisa



In the kingdom of Azhurahad the people worship the god Azhur and their just king, Damalepazhur.  The king's most trusted servant is the lord chamberlain, Lukaru.  Damal listens to the wisdom of Lukaru, who counseled Damal's father, more than any other person alive.

After several failed assassination attempts against the king, Lukaru and the astrologers search and find the person born years ago on the night of the shooting star.  Ketu is found and given the title of the king's diamond.  His purpose is to somehow protect the king with the god Azhur as his guiding force. Damal has little faith in Kentu's abilities at first but as time passes and another failed attempt brings unbelievable grief to the king, perhaps the legend of the king's diamond is true after all.

The King's Diamond is a unique tale with love, faith and loyalty all playing key roles.  The main characters run the emotional gamut from contemptible to utter devotion.  While The King's Diamond devotes itself to the mystery of the killer it is the interplay between the characters that makes this story fascinating and enjoyable to read.


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