The High Priest of Amber Dawn by Michelle Marquis

Amira Press


Reviewed by Patrice F.



Jennifer Stein doesn’t quite know what to expect once she arrives at Damien Saul’s late night dinner “party.”  Especially, since sex seemed to be the main course on the menu.  Damien is the High Priest of the Order of Amber Dawn, which places him in a different category altogether.  It doesn’t make him less dangerous or sexy though.  Jennifer is instantly captivated by him, so when he reappears, it’s next to impossible to turn him away, no matter what it might cost her.

The title The High Priest of Amber Dawn caught my attention right away.  Thankfully, Damien Saul is nothing like Aleister Crowley, although his lifestyle reflects that indulging in orgies is just as common to him as the long dead infamous occultist.  

This hot little story is the perfect framework for Jennifer and Damien’s romance.  I liked the surprise of discovering Jennifer’s “occupation”, too.  The incident that brings this unlikely pair closer together is the right kind of glue to cement them beyond scorching sex.   Not that there’s anything wrong with a stormy interlude between the sheets.  Keeping in mind that emotions do require added incentive to forge a lasting bond between two people, I can say the author does this relationship justice in that regard. 

There’s definitely room to expand upon.  I hope that Ms. Marquis will explore things further in another installment featuring Jennifer and Damien and his friend, Karl. 


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