The Healing by Eliza Gayle

Pentacles of Magick, Book 3


Paranormal, Menage, M/M/F

ISBN: 978-1-59426-646-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.



According to the prophecy pronounced upon the Scott brothers, Dennison Scott has to find the woman to keep him from succumbing to the darker side of his powers.   Without her, he could go from being a healer to being a killer. 

Denn is already happily in a committed relationship with Jake.  Of course, it doesnít keep Denn or Jake from lusting after Raven, the comatose witch and hunter theyíve been taking care of for weeks.

There might also be a possibility that Raven is Dennís empathetic mate.  Raven has come up against the Scott brothers in the past.  If she is part of the prophecy will she cooperate?   Can they trust her?   And how will Jake feel about sharing his lover with the woman who may be destined to be with Denn? 

The Healing continues the story of the Scott brothersí prophecy.  The pace of this installment moves along very quickly.  In some areas things went a bit too fast; especially, the conflicts that Raven, Jake and Denn face together.   I felt these characters needed more time to develop and earn trust and forgiveness while working out resolutions.  Still, this didnít seem to lessen the intensity of the bond between them because their connection is instantaneous from the start. 

I was thrown off guard by a couple of revelations, which is always nice.  The plot, dialogue, and characters are all a good fit, and if it werenít for the hot sex and explicit scenes, this series could work well on television the way Charmed did for years.  Leave in the steamy sex and it would certainly be a hit on HBO.   And thatís certainly enough incentive to check out this series.


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