The Happy Onion by Ally Blue

Samhain Publishing

Gay Contemporary

ISBN:  1-60504-124-6

Reviewed by Cassie



After moving from Santa Fe to Asheville to start a new job, Thomas Stone is not pleased to find out the club he's supposed to be managing isn't opening yet.  Broke and in need of a place to stay, Thom sets off to find a temporary job.  He ends up finding a job bartending at The Happy Onion, a vegan restaurant.  He celebrates by going out to a club, intending to get laid.

Philip Sorrells is bored with the scene at his favorite hangout, at least until a hot young man walks in the door.  He's more than glad to pick the guy up, and the night and morning that follow are incredible.  Things get weird, however, when he learns his one-night stand is working at his restaurant.  Phil wants to pursue a relationship with Thom, but Thom's reluctant to have any sort of relationship with a boss.  Other issues intrude as well.  Can these two very different men figure out a way to be together?

The Happy Onion has a little something for everyone.  There's humor, emotion, hot sex, and even some suspense.  The characters are all very likeable, especially the hot-tempered, young-looking Thom and Phil, whose delight in annoying Thom just to get a reaction made me snicker.  The conflicts between Thom and Phil struck me as realistic, especially given how different the two men were and how Phil felt about Thom's future employers.  Of course, the love scenes between them are hot and sometimes emotional as well.  While The Happy Onion won't be replacing Eight Arms to Hold You or Willow Bend as my favorite Ally Blue book, it was certainly an enjoyable read.  If you're a fan of Ms. Blue or just gay romance in general, you're sure to enjoy The Happy Onion just as I did.


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