The Game of Desire by Robin Danner

Liquid Silver Books

Historical Romance

ISBN: 1-59578-135-8

Reviewed by Tanya



When she was eleven, Audrey came up with “the game” as a way to show she was as good as any boy.  Now things have changed and she wants to prove not only is she good, but she is a woman also.  So she has hatched a plan to make Braedon her man. She has lusted after him for a few years now and he seems to not see her as a woman.  Will her plan work too well and while he desires her, will he act on it? If so, will he marry her?

When the plans go astray and her heart is broken, will she find another or will Braedon finally come around?

I found The Game of Desire to be a fun if not frustrating read.  I loved how Audrey was able to get Braedon to do different things with her under the guise of the game.  I was frustrated by some of the stupid things the author had him do, especially with his emotions.  But I guess some men have to learn the hard way.  The author does fine jobs pointing out the things that she is having them do that are not normal for this time period by talking about convention, etc.  Overall, I found The Game of Desire a fun and interesting read.


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