The Devil You Know by Angela Fiddler

Loose Id

Paranormal  m/m

ISBN: 978-1-59632-630-9

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Bastian is a “second son of a second son” of a former king in a kingdom conquered by villains.  He is also a highly trained and desirable sexual partner, referred to as “Beloveds” sent on a mission to kill the current overlord.  Vashi is the best friend of the overlord’s son.  Political intrigue, sex, and power are mixed and woven into Bastian completing is mission successfully or losing the love of his life.

The Devil You Know has all the elements for escaping into an enjoyable read on a slow summer afternoon.  There’s the sexual power Bastian can wield making any sexual experience with him ten times better than any experience with anyone else.  There’s demon possession, rebellions, slave traders, magic, love, lust, and hot sexual encounters to enjoy.

The overall flow of The Devil You Know was sometimes disjointed and complicated.  I didn’t mind so much the switching from Vashi’s point of view to Bastian’s, but some of the dialogue, action, and plot happened without me understanding the background.  For instance, there’s a scene early on where Vashi detects a presence in Erasas bedroom, and I’m not sure that presence was ever really explained.  Also, Vashi has a weird dream experience that leads him to discover the slave ship in the harbor and his first sexual encounter with Bastian.

I admit to being surprised by the suddenness of the connection between Vashi and Bastian.  It was almost like, they met, experienced oral sex, and viola we have ever lasting love.  Vashi and his friendship with the overlord’s son, Erasas, set me on edge.  Vashi and Erasas loved each other like brothers but slept together almost like lovers.  (Were they lovers? No, I don’t think so) I also disagreed with Erasas’ behavior regarding Vashi and Bastian’s relationship, as it seemed too overboard and unforgiving.  But maybe that was the author’s intent, for the reader not to like or feel sympathy for Erasas’ uncaring attitude towards the kingdoms citizens?  The world created in The Devil You Know was interesting and the concept of a “Beloved” fascinating.


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