The Cop by Anna Leigh Keaton

The Pleasure Club, Book 1

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 9781600882791

Reviewed by Indy



Men in uniform hold their own special appeal, but for Victoria Casey the men in blue are what turns her on. Having fantasized about policeman all her life she’s ready for the adventure The Pleasure Club can offer. Embracing one night of uninhibited pleasure at the hands of Detective Drake, Victoria hopes all of her long held fantasies will become true.

A delightful morsel that spoke to me on more than one level, The Cop, the initial offering from The Pleasure Club series was everything I anticipated and more. The power that exudes from a man with a badge and gun is addictive and some of us ladies can’t help but want to experience it. Anna Leigh Keaton did an excellent job of creating a rapturous encounter where a woman is finally able to fulfill a long held desire. Readers who love reading about erotic fantasies will find this story is created with everyone who has ever had a cop fantasy in mind. 


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