Taming the Beast by Jinx Williams

Fire Storm, Book 1

Lyrical Press


ISBN: 978-0-9817144-5-5

Reviewed by Jo



Jacquelyn Frasier has worked hard on her display of artifacts in the museum.  In fact, she has even added one of her own family pieces. When Jacquelyn learns that the piece she has been trying to get in the exhibit will be donated, she is very excited.  That is until she learns that there is a catch: the owner of the piece insists on helping with the exhibit and for some reason, Jacquelyn is not comfortable with that.

Ravin Barrilyl is a very rich Scottish man who also happens to spend part of his life as a dragon.  Ravin was cursed many years ago and when it happened, an old artifact was taken from him.  The reasons behind the curse and aftermath have Ravin leery of love.  Now after so many years of searching, Ravin has discovered where he can find that artifact – at the museum during the exhibit. 

Ravin and Jacquelyn don’t have the best introduction, but once their real personalities come out, both discover that there is an attraction between them.  When an old adversary catches up with Ravin, Jacquelyn learns not only about Ravin’s curse, but also that there is a deadly enemy after Ravin and it will take both of them and love to concur him for good.

Taming the Beast has a librarian and a shifting dragon teaming together to not only defeat a foe, but also to learn just what love can mean to a curse.  Jacquelyn has worked hard for her position and her exhibit and she is not going to let anything get in her way.  Ravin has survived centuries by learning how to be a dragon and searching for what was stolen from him.  I felt the discord between Jacquelyn and Ravin when they first met and while they were circling around each other trying to find a middle ground to build from.  The plot also intrigued me and where it might take not only Ravin and Jacquelyn’s story, but also the series.  However, there were a few places where I felt like the story was building up to something and then was left down when it just passed over or barely mentioned the meat of it.  Even with this, I do think that Taming the Beast is an intriguing read and I do plan on watching for Ms. Williams’ next book in this series.


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