Tales from the Graveyard Shift: Ghouls by Kacey Smith

Amber Heat

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60272-287-3

Reviewed by Chris



Crystal Amalie LaFarge, a Level Five Mage and a member of SPIT, the Stateís Paranormal Investigative Team, has come up against something sheís never encountered before. No, itís not ghouls as the title suggests. Nor is it ghosts, boogie men, or other monsters. Two powerful men want to share their bed with her. Her biggest fear? What parts go whereÖ

Ulrich is a dark-haired, scary Level Eight Mage whoís looking for Crystal to augment his powers. Police Captain Brian Teague Booker is a sun-streaked Level Two Mage whoís had the hots for Crystal for some time, but has been afraid to tell her that threesomes are really what he wants.

All three must learn to combine their powers, not only in the bedroom but to fight evil. In this tale, itís Lothar, a powerful mage and owner of the bar, The Enchantress Club, who is stealing energy and property from both the living and the dead. Brianís twin sister, Diana, is caught up in his snare and itís up to the new Triad to save her.

Yummy cover art that actually applies to the story being told, two sexy men into each other and the heroine, and a plot suitable for a short story format equals mucho grande pleasure. The title Ghouls really does little to reflect this taleís content. I enjoyed Kacey Smithís voice, which reminded me of early Laurell K. Hamiltonís Anita Blake, though Iíd say Ms. Smithís threesome scenes are better crafted. Some of the police elements are a bit light, but then the story really isnít being advertised as a crime drama. All in all, this is a swift read thatíll leave you wishing Ms. Smith was into epic-sized erotic novels.


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