Taking Care of Business by Megan Hart & Lauren Dane

Black Lace Books

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN-10: 0352345020
ISBN-13: 978-0352345028

Reviewed by Jo



Leah Griffin is about to leave for a company conference that she has put together, but first she has a bit of business to take care of.  Mainly to break up with her live-in boyfriend and tell him to get out of her house.  So itís not much of a surprise that Leah really isnít looking for another relationship.  However, she is looking forward to spending some time with her best friend who is coming to the conference.  All Leahís good intentions seem to disappear once she meets the hotelís conference service manger.  Brandon Long is tall, dark and too sexy.  Best of all he is a bit younger and wants nothing more than to please Leah, or so it seems. 

Kate Edwards has made some serious changes in her life that just about no one important to her knows about.  Like she bought a condo, changed positions and most importantly she is moving within two hours of Leah.  Leahís company has hired Kate as a specialty contract attorney, something Kate is very, very good at.   But this job has also given Kate something she has tried to avoid the majority of her adult life Ė a secret relationship with someone she is currently working with. Charles Dixon is Kateís downfall, he is a hot attorney and a serious bad boy who Kate has problems saying no to.   Now that they will be within driving distance with each other, Kate wonders just how this might affect her secret fling with Charles.

Kate and Leah have always backed and pushed the other since the beginning, and this weekend is no difference.  Leah is amazed to learn of the secret that Kate has kept from her, but even she can see that Charles makes her friend happy Ė well when he isnít driving her up the wall.  Kate is happy that Leah dumped her creep and when they spy Brandon, Kate is only too willing to push Leah into experiencing Brandon in all ways possible.  Passion isnít the only thing that complicates what was at first a simple working weekend; however it is the only thing that brings everyone face to face with his or her heartís desire. 

I was surprised when I started reading Taking Care of Business as I expected an anthology.  Instead I found a very complex book that combined both womenís lives during a conference they will never forget.  The hot and erotic sex that each couple have was enough to all but turn on my fire alarms.  Kate and Leah are both very strong women who know what they want and are not afraid to fight or ask for it.  Brandon and Charles have fallen for the perfect women for them and now just have to get them to agree.  Sometimes when two authors write the same story, I can tell who did what, however this is not the case in Taking Care of Business.  Everything blends so beautifully that if I hadnít seen the cover, I would have thought only one author had written it.  If you are looking for an escape involving strong and professional women and equally strong and hot men, you cannot go wrong with Ms. Daneís and Ms. Hartís Taking Care of Business.


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