Tail-tell Signs of Trouble by Misa Izanaki

Torquere Books

M/M Fantasy, D/s

Reviewed by Raine



Hearing that perhaps Kale, Dante's boyfriend, was a Domme at one time intrigues Dante. Dante starts missing shifts and doing little things to push Kale into snapping and going all dominant on him. However, it was proving harder than he thought to make his mostly grumpy boyfriend get really angry. Implementing a new tactic, Dante find maybe he just pushed things too far.

Misa Izanaki provides an excellent backdrop with two very hot men in Tail-tell Signs of Trouble. The characters are likable, there is humor in the actions and conversations, and the man-love when they get to it is scorching. If you do not mind a little spanking between men during hot sex you will not want to miss out on Tail-tell Signs of Trouble.


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