Sweet Surrender by Anna Leigh Keaton

Cobblestone Press

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 1-60088-253-1

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Celeste Kolowski is sitting in a bar and grill, watching men and women vying for each otherís attention in mating rituals as old as time. Celeste canít help but yearn for what she doesnít have and probably never will. Divorced and single for a long time, Celeste feels her life has passed her by. Acting upon impulse, Celeste gives in and tries to have a one-night stand that doesnít work out quite as she planned. If Celeste is honest, only one man has caught her eye and grabbed her attention, but he is not for her because of his age.

Detective Paul Jensen has wanted his neighbor, Celeste, for months. The only thing standing in his way is Celesteís belief that she is too old for him.  After rescuing her from a one-night stand almost gone bad, enough is enough. Paul is going to convince Celeste that age is only a number.

Sweet Surrender was intense and passionate.  I loved Paulís treatment of Celeste and how he was steadfast in his feelings for her.  He was not taking her excuses of age, and I loved how he treated her.  Anna Leigh Keaton always grabs me by the heart strings.  Sweet Surrender was no different except that I found out I am not a fan of the older woman/younger man scenario.  Other than my dislike of the plotline, Sweet Surrender was a terrific book, and my dislike of its genre is my fault alone. When I picked Sweet Surrender for review, I did so not even reading the blurb for it, and so did not realize what it was about - I just knew that I am a fan of Ms. Keaton, and that has not changed.  If the older woman/younger man plotline appeals to you, then you shouldn't hesitate to read Sweet Surrender. I have that much faith in this authorís writing ability.


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