Sweet Life by Mia King



ISBN: 0425221679, 978-0425221679

Reviewed by Ley



Paul and Marissa are moving to paradise, life will be sweet or so they thought.  Moving to Hawaii was a chance of a lifetime; Marissa hesitated but soon saw it as a new beginning for her and her family.  She never dreamed that paradise could lead to heartbreak when her marriage starts to crumble around her.  Marissa strength and will is tested when Paul walks away from her announcing he needs time to himself.  At forty, Marissa is faced with the possibility of carving out a different and unexpected life path for her and her daughter.

Sweet Life shows that the sweet life can be achieved but it takes dedication, love, strength and tears from those who want to achieve it.  Marissa and Paul had some deep soul searching to do and needed to look within themselves as well as toward each other to see how to save their family.  This is a very moving and well-written story with characters easy to relate.  Mia King did a fantastic job with it; Marissa’s character grows and develops on so many levels.  I enjoyed Sweet Life and I thank Ms. King for such a wonderfully touching story.  I also thank her for the recipes she included at the end. Some were even vegan, whoo hoo!


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