Sugar Mama by Tuesday Morrigan

Loose Id

Contemporary Erotic Multicultural

ISBN: 978-1-59632-685-9

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Theodora Adams is a courageous woman who left the corporate world to open her own retail store, the Candy Drops Sweet Shoppe, but she still sees the “chubby nerd” from high school.  She’s also feeling the passage of time, and at thirty-five and a size fourteen, she doesn’t see her lifelong dream of having children coming true any time in the near future.  And then there’s her fixation on her hot young twenty-six year old employee, Alejandro Alba.  Though Theodora is fighting the attraction, Alejandro is not, and he’s willing to prove all his sexual innuendos.

In Sugar Mama, Theodora and Alejandro’s steamy relationship is fun, hot, and exciting.  Alejandro is a dream come true, and Alejandro treats Theodora to new sexual play that rocks her world.  I didn’t really buy the conditions Theodora put on their relationship, and some of the confrontations seemed somewhat out-of-place.  Alejandro is a mixture of dominate lover and considerate friend, but has his own secretes from Theodora.   At one point, I wanted to tell Alejandro to just take his woman and be done with it!  Overall though, Sugar Mama is a delightfully hot read.


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