Sugar and Spice by Liz Andrews

The Essence of Life, Book 1

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-682-8

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Owner of a flourishing health food café, Rayne Jankowski, is from a family of psychics, but she herself has no apparent psychic abilities.  With hard work, determination, and her sincere interest in her employees and customers, Rayne’s café is thriving.  Her sex life? Not so much.  Rayne’s had a longtime crush on Scott Marten, a steady everyday customer, but neither Scott nor Rayne have made the first attempt to bridge the gap between store owner and customer.

Until one day, Scott asks Rayne on a date.  Scott and Rayne begin a rocking hot relationship, only for Rayne to be pulled up short when her brother Forrest points out that it appears her powers have manifested themselves late in life, and Rayne has the ability to influence people and she’s doing it through her baked goods in the café!  This revelation tears Rayne apart, as she now begins to suspect her relationship with Scott and her own insecurities threaten to end their sizzling romance.

The characters and the dialogue in Sugar and Spice were fun and realistic.  Scott and Rayne together in the bedroom or park, bring out sexual firsts for Rayne that are incredibly hot and endearing at the same time.  Scott and Rayne’s erotic love story is a good first book for the series The Essence of Life, and I hope the next book is about Rayne’s brother Forrest and his Tarot card psychic powers!


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