Strangers in the Night by Christiane France

Amber Allure

Fantasy m/m

ISBN:  978-1-60272-310-8

Reviewed by Raine



Across the bar Blain, takes notice of a man near his own age, thirty-five, which has not happened since he lost his boyfriend six months ago to a car accident.

Scared by the attraction, Blain leaves the bar to escape the attraction. In a turn about of events, Blain ends up back at the bar later that evening with a request to show the condo across from his to an inquiring party. As is turns out the inquiring party is Adrian, the hottie he noticed earlier that evening. With no way out Blain takes sexy Adrian to his building to show him the condo and hopes he can control himself.

Strangers in the Night is a steamy and heart-warming story. Christiane France shows us the chemistry between Blain and Adrian from their first meeting. As Blain overcomes his internal power struggle and gets to know Adrian, Strangers in the Night really heats up. With a couple sexy guys, a little drama and some hot loving this is a must read for M/M readers.


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