Starbound by Kassie Burns

Samhain Publishing

Sci Fi Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-870-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Erlinn, Jerod, Kev and Gem only know about life on the Starbound.  They have learned everything they know from the race that is keeping them hostage on their starship.  The Napau only have one law they enforce and that is “Love one, love all” which means there is no marriage and no lasting relationships.  This is where the problem is as Erlinn and Jerod can’t imagine living without each other.  Once this is discovered, Jerod is taken to be one of the “priests” that serve the Napau.  But this doesn’t keep them apart.  They reconnect when Erlinn is chosen to house one of the Napau for a sex filled weekend.

Now it is up to Kev and Gem, who have their own relationship building to determine how to make it possible to escape the Napau without dying.  They want to be able to give people the choice of being married or of living their current lifestyle.  The two begin to work and explore the weekend that Erlinn is with Jerod.  But, can they overcome the Napau possessions, and their own jealousy in time to make a difference and free themselves?

Starbound is an interesting idea for those who love space travel.  When Earth is setting out for another solar system to settle they plan all they need about the Starbound ship, including hydroponics, etc…  I also thought the idea of being imprisoned by beings of light and energy was also interesting.  But, I just couldn’t get interested in the story.  Normally this is the type of story that would interest me, it has all the elements but, it couldn’t keep my interest.  Others might have no problem with the story, and in fact might love it.  But, for this reader it was almost as if the author was trying too hard to get lots of erotic scenes fit into the plot line, and making sure to throw enough action and dialogue in to keep the story moving.


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