Some Kind of Hero by Michelle Cary


Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 1-59998-928-X

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Derek Rison has returned home after two tours of duty in Iraq.  He doesn't have an apartment anymore because of a fire and has nowhere to go.  Resigned to spending the night in yet another motel and using money he really doesn't have, Derek is surprised when the trusting waitress offers him her couch for as long as he needs it.

Jordan Minx, while attracted to Derek, knows that her offer of a bed for the night can only be temporary.  Thoroughly under the thumb of her freakishly controlling boyfriend, Jordan cannot afford to anger him.  But, with Derek, she doesn't care.  For the first time in a very long time, Jordan is being treated with respect.

Derek and Jordan begin an affair hot enough to melt the most frozen of icebergs.  Their one argument? Jordan's adamant refusal to discuss her foul boyfriend Randy.

I was instantly intrigued by the blurb for Some Kind of Hero.  This lasted until I realized why Jordan's boyfriend treated her the way he did.  AND she let him.  I found it genuinely disheartening to read Some Kind of Hero because I lost faith in Jordan's ability to be a worthy heroine to Derek's hero.  I thought Derek was loyal to a fault and felt that realistically speaking, no man such as Derek would have put up with Jordan's other man and even worse, no man would allow the woman he loves to be treated as Randy treated Jordan.

Some Kind of Hero had the plot and premise to be a truly terrific book and it was a good read.  But my aversion for Jordan's character interfered with my overall enjoyment.  I even went back and reread Some Kind of Hero just to make sure I wasn't being overzealous in my perception of Jordan, and alas, the second time around I abhorred her even more.  Some Kind of Hero was definitely not the book for me at this given time.


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