Seductive Secrets: The Secrets Trilogy, Book 1 by Lynne Connolly

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 1-60504-042-8

Reviewed by Willow



Itís been seven years since Isobel left Nick at the altar. And Nick has never stopped loving her. Now sheís a widow and Nick has asked her to marry him again. He is more than willing to take a chance on them even though rumors are flying about her and her dead husband. He knows Isobel has some shameful secrets that are painful to her and itís up to him to ease that pain.

Isobel eloped with a man she thought she loved seven years ago. She made a horrible mistake and all because she was young and frightened by Nickís intensity. Now is her chance to make it up to him and as painful as it is for her, she will give herself to Nick.

As Nick and Isobel work on their relationship and learning to trust, others are threatening their happiness.  Her father and brother want money. His mother is unwilling to relinquish household control to the new bride. His old mistress wants him back. Someone is blackmailing Isobel. The threads of life weave through and around each other and Nick and Isobel have decisions to make that will affect their future together.

Seductive Secrets is intriguing. Nick and Isobel have so much to work through to be happy. Nick is determined to make Isobel see that he loves her no matter what. Even though the storyline moved slowly, I liked Seductive Secrets. The secondary characters went a long way to making the story enjoyable.


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