Seduced in Shadow by Stephanie Julian

Magical Seduction, Book 2

Elloraís Cave

Erotic Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-4199-1704-2

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Ellie Johannson feels restless and goes for a run.  She is surprised to find herself in the presence of a beautiful man named Antonin, who seems to appear out of nowhere. To add fuel to the fire, Ellie thinks he may have pointed ears. Although she has the ability to talk telepathically with animals, Ellie is sure she's losing her mind; especially  when the man she left back in the woods appears by her car and tries to convince her the forest ranger trying to get her to go back to his office is dangerous.  Ellie might not listen to Mr. Handsome but she does listen to the deer telling her the ranger is not to be trusted.  Acting against her better judgment, Ellie decides to take her chances with Antonin and while sheís at it, get to the bottom of those pointy ears. 

Seduced in Shadow is the sequel to Seduced in Magic, also by Stephanie Julian.  It is the story of Fiorella, the sister of Justin, Seduced in Magicís hero and Antonin de Feo, a linchetto and the bodyguard hired by Justin to keep the evil Mal away from Ellie. Ellie and Antoninís attraction to each other is instantaneous and full of surprises.

Seduced in Shadow is a highly imaginative and truly fantastical read.  I love how each characterís emotions were easy to read but intense at the same time.  The world was realistic and made me yearn for a linchetto with pointed ears for my very own.


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