Secret Moon by Anne Cain and Barbara Sheridan

ChildsPrey, Book 4

Loose Id

Yaoi Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-579-1

Reviewed by Willow



Yutaka Kaneshiro is not so happy with his life. It’s his job to sift through the manuscripts sent to the Soho Books Division of Branford Publishing and pass on those with potential to his boss. He was sure he’d be a full-fledged acquisitions editor by now. Yuta has hopes of a promotion and a bigger office.  His boss dumps his ticket to what he wants in his lap. Do a book on the currently wildly popular Japanese Rock Music Industry before the start of the American tour. Why Yuta? Well, his stepbrother is Toruhika, a member of the J-Rock band, ChildsPrey.

Superstar Miji Makana disappeared from the Japanese Rock scene three years ago. No one knows where he is. Even though he has been gone for so long, his popularity and the popularity of his band Gothic deSade has grown and made its way to America. Everyone has theories on what happened to Miji and none of them are right. Yuta is sure that if he solves this mystery and writes a book, his dreams will come true…or he’ll be unemployed.

Yuta starts his search with the members of ChildsPrey. If nothing else he can write the book his boss wants about Japanese bands. He finds that Miji was not very well liked and not many people really care what happened to him. But Yuta is determined to find him. When he ducks into a small tempura shop in Miji’s old neighborhood, Yuta is absolutely sure he has found Miji.

Taro is a tempura cook who only wants to live his quiet existence and leave his past in the past. Yuta is beyond persistent in his search for the truth about Miji and will not leave it alone. While Yuta gets a taste of the rockstar’s life, Taro begins to believe that he has finally found what he was missing from his life…someone to love him.

This is the fourth of the ChildsPrey series and the first that I’ve read. Now I have to buy the others. I really liked Secret Moon. I was immediately drawn into the story and really had a hard time leaving it to go to bed or to work or to eat. The emotion shown not only by Taro and Yuta but the other characters is very strong and made them real, not just something written on a page. I love Taro and Yuta and can’t wait to go back and visit the members of the ChildsPrey world.


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