Second Chance by Janis Susan May


Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-1-58749-697-4

Reviewed by Shayna



Once, a terrible scandal forced Bradford Pemberton to lose both his land and his fiancée, Verity Morrison.  Now, twelve years later, Bradford has returned to London and only his nephew, Charlie, knows it.  While Bradford cannot forget Verity, he assumes that in the passing years she has married and left behind the memory of their ill-fated romance.  What Bradford doesn’t know is that Verity refused ever to marry.  Instead, she lives with her family, helping to raise her young niece, Lisbet.

Lisbet travels to London to make her debut wanting to take London by storm and, though she won’t admit it, impress her childhood playmate Charlie.  But Lisbet’s trip isn’t all she planned, as her chaperone, her aunt Catherine, is a notorious gambler indebted to a disreputable fortune-hunter.  Verity soon finds herself in London, determined to free Lisbet from Catherine’s clutches.  When Verity discovers Bradford is in town, the plot thickens, as she believes him to be in love with Catherine and he believes her to be wed to another.  Where lies, misconceptions, and hesitant hearts reign, will a few abductions and a dash of chaos be what it takes to help four people find their true loves?

With nearly as many threads as a Shakespeare comedy, Second Chance may sound as if it has a few too many threads.  Yet when reading Second Chance, I was impressed how each storyline seamlessly wove in and out of every other, allowing me to see the story progress from multiple points of view without the book getting bogged down in the process.

This was my first book by Janis Susan May and I doubt it will be my last.  Ms. May created likeable characters in Bradford and Verity and the story itself flowed smoothly.  It is difficult, I think, to fully connect with a romance where the hero and heroine do not interact for much of the book.  However, I still found myself invested in Bradford and Verity’s romance, hoping that they would find their happily ever after.  As for Charlie and Lisbet, while both were entertaining in their own right, I cannot say they were as likeable as their respective uncle and aunt; both were a bit too melodramatic for my personal preference.  All in all, I was utterly charmed by Second Chance, a delightful story that proves there are some loves that neither time nor distance can fade.


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